Refund policy and terms of service

Buyer - You, the Client | Seller - Us, Lafayette Signs 

All invoices are due upon receipt unless you have a credit account with us. 

All late invoices are subject to the following late penalties: 

1-14 days late: 3% of the total invoice balance or $35.00 whichever is larger 

15-29 days late: 5% of the total invoice balance or $50.00 whichever is larger 

30-59 days late: 10% of the total invoice balance $100.00 whichever is larger 

60+ days late: 15% of the total invoice balance or $150.00 whichever is larger 

After 90 days all invoices are subject to being turned over to collections. Any expenses incurred by the Seller to pursue collections including but not limited to overhead costs, administrative costs, and legal costs will be assessed to the Buyer. Any legal disputes will be handled in accordance with the governing laws of Lafayette, Louisiana and any limitations involving court systems will be handled in the Louisiana court system. 

If the Buyer has any questions or disputes about charges listed on the invoice they must contact the Seller within 72 hours of receipt. After 72 hours all charges will be validated. 

All sales are final. In the event the Seller agrees to accept a return, no products are to be returned without written authorization from the Seller. Returns that are not customized for the Buyer are subject to a 15% restocking fee unless prohibited by law. Customized product returns, if approved, will have a return value associated with them and will be communicated to the Buyer during the return process. This return value is often less than the original resale value as there may be associated costs deducted from the return.